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Stack operations using Linked list in C++

By Sandhya yegireddi

This project is about performing stack operations like push, pop, reverse using a linked list in C++.

In the data structures, the technology that follows FIFO(first in first out)inserted from the first end and deleted from the same end is Stack. A Linked list is a contiguous memory location. To store the elements in FIFO order We are using a Linked list.

the Stack operations are push, pop, top element, Isempty, reverse.

Push - Push operation is used for inserting elements into the Stack.

Pop - Pop operations are used for deleting elements from the top of the Stack.

Top - Top operation is for knowing the uppermost element in the Stack.

Isempty - Isempty is used for knowing the elements are present in the Stack or not.

Reverse - Arranging the elements of Stack in reverse order.

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