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Stationary Management System GUI using Python and tkinter

By Arpit Dadhich

The project is a GUI application using python that helps the person who is handling the stationery shop to get the price of any specific product in his/her shop without remembering them.

Programming Language Used: Python
This is a GUI application that can be used to maintain the Stationary Items. In this, a Shopkeeper can maintain his purchased Items. He can add Items whenever he wants to add by writing all Details of the Item and clicking on the ADD ITEM and automatically all items get stored in the Database.
If a shopkeeper wants to delete any item which is already there in the database, he or she can delete it by specifying the details which he or she wants to delete and clicking on the Delete button.
If Shopkeeper wants to View the Items he or She has Purchased or bought by just clicking on the
VIEW DATABASE and all the items will shown.
If Shopkeeper wants to check whether the item is already been loaded or not or to check the details of the item, he or she can Type the Name of the Item(which is located on the top of search button) and clicking the search Button and all the details will be displayed.
While entering any Details of an item, if Shopkeeper wrote the wrong details, he or she can click on the CLEAR SCREEN button to clear all current entries written by the Shopkeeper. 
If a Shopkeeper wants to exit the Application, he or she can click EXIT button to close the Application.
Required Libraries:
1. Tkinter Library (To install - in cmd, type pip install tkinter)
2. sqlite3 (To install - in cmd, type pip install sqlite3)

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