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Stock Price Prediction Using Machine Learning in Python

By Deepak Kumar Jha

In this project, we will be predicting future prices for the given Stocks using Machine Learning in Python.

In today's world stocks is one of the major ways companies generate revenue to keep working on their objectives. But stock markets come with their own set of risks and losses for the investor. To help new investors and people foraying into stock market investment we will be building a small project in Python to help the investor predict the prices by a given number into the future to help them avoid losses in this turbulent market. In this project we will be using the following python packages:

1) Quandl: To get the stock prices from the quandl api.

2) Matplotlib: To construct basic plots of the obtained data.

3) Scikit-Learn (sklearn): To perform various tasks related to machine learning.

4) Pickle: To save and load our machine learning models.


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