Coders Packet

Stock Watchlist in Python

By Priyanshu Pranjal Mahajan

Source code written in Python helps users to get the latest information regarding their stocks with the help of the nsetools Python library.

This packet contains a Python file with the source code to execute a stock watchlist. After running the source, a menu will pop select the operations that you need to perform.
You can add multiple stocks by inputting the listing name of those stocks in NSE i.e. National Stock Exchange.
Nowadays with the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs or are having their pay slashed.
A stock market is a place where you can invest and trade stocks and make some money in this process.
For this, information on the stock in which you have invested is necessary. A watchlist gives you the relevant information so you make the best decision regarding your investment and trade.
Before compiling the code the users need to install nsetools Python package using the following command:
pip install nsetools

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