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String Functions In C++

By Shubham Deepak Kokane

A string is a collection of characters. This C++ program elaborates on various inbuilt functions used to perform different string-related operations.


A string is nothing but a group of characters arranged into a whole. In different programming languages, string plays an important to store the data and perform certain operations. Considering C++, it has various string performing operations such as concatenation, length of the string, copy one string into another. This menu-driven C++ program allows the user to perform various built-in functions of string and generate the final output to the user.


System Requirements:

Any of the OS(Windows/Ubuntu)

Editors such as Visual Studio, Notepad C++, etc

For Ubuntu, C++ compiler must be installed and configured 



The user is able to perform all the string-related operations and the result is generated accordingly.


Output Screenshot:


Download Complete Code


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