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Strong Password Generator in Python

By Harsh Shailesh Bhandari

The following Python Code aids people who find it difficult to create and memorize strong passwords

Having a Strong Password is a necessity for a system that demands high confidentiality and security. This package helps people who find it difficult to create passwords strong enough to prevent unauthorized users from memorizing them.

This package uses a mixture of various characters found on a keyboard to form an unpredictable password for its user.

The components of this package are taken from a single array consisting of all the characters on the keyboard that can be included in a password.
It is common information that a strong password consists of 16 characters. However, the user can change the number of characters according to his/her requirement by changing the value of the length variable, since the package is made by using the while loop.

This package can also be used in Automated Mail Systems that provide login credentials to their users who have logged into their system for the first time or have lost access to the system for some reason.

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