Coders Packet

Student Database Management System

By Aniket Majumder

It is a student Database Management System where we can enter as many data as we can and modify them and store and change them.

Here we used i)Jupyter Notebook or VS code studio

                    ii)Phpmyadmin or SQL server



I built a project of Student Database Management system for a school/college where the admin can enter the data ,modify them or can delete them or update them. The database and the front end is devoloped using PHP,HTML,CSS. The code of the database is being made with Python and SQL. First I created the heading of the Database front end. Then i built the left frame where admin can enter the data of various students and then it will be visible in the right hand side dataset. Clicking on the data will show all the entries at the correct posittion on the left side and we can delete them or we can update them.

Download Complete Code


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