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Student Database Management System using C++

By Manish Kumar Gupta

This project is a fully console-based project. This project makes it easy to store all the information of the student.

Student Database Management System (SDMS) is a basic C++ program that allows users to generate student details accordingly.

This SDMS has two types of login:

1. Teacher Login

2. Student Login

Both ( Teacher & Student ) has their own master login.

Based on the type of login the user makes, the work is divided accordingly.


If you choose to login as a Teacher then you have facilities like:

1. to add a student

2. delete any student's records permanently

3. set the result of the student

4. get the details of a particular student

5. you can also modify the result of any student


If you choose to login as a Student then you have the rights to:

1. view all your details that are stored with the organization

2. you also have the right to change or modify your details

3. you can also view your current result.

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