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Student ERP System in Java

By Awanish Tiwari

An ERP system in Java in which an old student can log in through their credentials can see the details of their own whereas the new student can register themself by entering their credentials.

Title:-Student ERP System in Java

# A complete student management system developed in java having all the functionalities of the ERP system of the student.
# It contains the registration and login of the student in which the old student can log in through their credentials and the new student can register.
# The student can see their attendance, their internships, their Academics marks, and also can their old passwords.
#Validation of the user is added to improve the security reasons so that no one other than the previous student can see others' information.

Programming Language : Java
Database Language: MYSQL

Steps to use it:
To run this program smoothly a user should have:
-Xampp should be installed in a system and also apache and MySQL turned on and should be show green.
-A MySQL driver should be added to the project in the project and also set the path of it.
-To download the "mysql.jar" file google it and download it after downloading the zip file extract the jar files and add them to the project.
-When the project is running the xampp should be turned on with apache and MySQL blue ticks.
-A "student" named database should be created in which there should be two tables named student and cell respectively.
- If you want you can store some data inside the database for login otherwise register students first.
-If a student/user is unable to connect to the database search google for JDBC connection and will know the problem facing.
-When all the above steps will be performed systematically project will run very smoothly and the user can use it in a very easy way.

Future Scope of the project:
1-A developer/user can use such type of project for their major project by some more validations and adding more functionality.
2-A beginner student or an intermediate student can learn how to connect with a database with java.
3-It can be used to make a desktop application by adding few more functionalities.

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