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Student Management System in C++

By Richa Roy

This project is developed in the C++ language. Here teachers can add, update academic details of students, marks in various subjects, attendance, etc, and students view and check their details.

 This program is developed using a C++ programming language. The user of this system can log into the system as a teacher or a student to perform the required operations.

In the Homepage menu, there is an option of Teachers Login and Student Login. If a teacher uses this system then he/she will choose the “Teachers Login” option, after this, the user can see the various operations he/she can perform like adding academic and basic details of the students like entering the marks students got in their various course subjects exam, the attendance of the students and etc. The teacher can also update the marks and attendance of a particular student by entering that student's university id number. After performing the required operations the user can return to the main homepage menu.

If the user of this system is a student then he/she will choose the “Student Login” option, after this, he/she can view the details by entering his/her university id number. If the correct university id number is entered then he/she will be able to see his/her details like name, stream, marks obtained in various course subjects, total attendance in percentage and etc. If the student finished seeing and checking his details then he/she can choose the option "return to the main homepage menu” to close the system.

In the homepage menu, the user can choose the “Exit” option to close the system.


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