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Student Management System in C++

By Aditi Chauhan

Student Management System is a C++ project based on the concept of managing student data to be used for various purposes. Through, this users can create, display, search, modify student records.

I make this program without the use of FILE HANDLING Because I show you how to make a STUDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
firstly using classes and functions.

There is four Functions or Modules:

1 --> Create Record
2 --> Display Record
3 --> Update Record
4 --> Exit Program

First Step:
Enter Record:
Student Roll no.
Student first name:
Student last name:
Student Course:
Student DOB:
Student Mobile no.
Student Address:
Studentt City:
Student Subject Marks:

Second Step:
Display Record:

They will show you all the information that you enter.

Third Step:
Update Record:

If You want any update on the student record just press 3. They will show you all the information just enter the line where you want to update the records.

Fourth Step:
Exit program.

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