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Student Management System using Java Swings and Database Management System

By Ginna Srilekha

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  • This project Student Management System is written in java language and mysql. It is purely based on student operations like knowing their results, personal information, College fees etc,

    Student Management System Using Java Swings and Database Management System:

    In this project , Admin adds students, students information , college fees, results of students.Admin can even update the information ,results,fees.

    Students can check their results, college fees, their personal info using this project. This project is very useful for colleges who can add students easily .

    Role of Admin:

    Every Admin is given with username and password so that he can use the application effectively and no other person can use it. First We will get home page, where a student or admin can log in to the page.

    I added 2 buttons so that when admin clicks on admin button,then he is redirected to admin login page where he should give username and password to log in to application.If login is not successful,it will display incorrect username and password.If login is successful, Admin will have 5 buttons, 1.Add Students 2.Add Results. 3.Show Students 4.Show Results 5.Add Fees.

    1.)Add Students: Admin adds details of new students like course,branch,name,fathers's name,mother's name,gender,phone no,email,password. After entering all details he can click on create button to add student.If he want to clear something ,he can click on clear button. 

    2.)Show Students: Admin can see all the students he added in this section.

    3.)Add Results: Admin can add results according to branch(CSE,ECE,IT,EEE,MECH,CIV,AI). When he clicks on add results button, he will see a page of all branches buttons. When he wants to add result of a student who belong to CSE,he can add result by adding branch,semister,roll no,year, marks of mid 1,marks of mid 2 , external marks.

    4.)Show Results: Admin can view the students results using this section.

    5.)Add Fees: Admin can add Fee details of First,Second,Third,Fourth Years of that particular object.He can even update the fees.

    Role of Student:

    Student can view his/her roll no, results, and fee details.

    When Student want to login to the application, when he clicks on student button, He will see a page with 3 buttons.1.Search Roll No. 2.Show Results

    3.Show Fees.

    1.)Search Roll No: If a student is new joinee, if he want to know his roll number.He can view his roll no by entering details of branch, email, password.

    2.)Show Results: A student can view his details by entering year of pursing stream,roll no,branch.

    3.)Show Fees:A student can view fee details by clicking on display fee details.

    Finally you can exit from the application by clicking logout button.

    This is all about my project Student management using java swings and database management system.

    Please watch the video Student Management System using Java and Database Connectivity (MP4 format) which is in the zip file to understand my project more clearly.

    Thank you.

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