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Student Management System Using Python

By Ayush Agrawal

A Python Project which displays the Name of the Student, His Roll Number, along with the marks of 2 subjects.

A Python Project which is based on Student Management System which is performing several operations by displaying the Operation Used Print Statement.

Operations are - 

1- Accepting Student Details

2- Displaying Student Details

3- Search Details of a Student

4- Delete Details of a Student

5- Update Student Details

6- Exit

When the program is compiled it displays The List of Students which has been taken as input in the program already.

Name of the Student, His Roll Number, Marks In Physics and Marks In Mathematics is displayed of all the three given students. 

Next, the Second Student is Found and the List is Updated as the details of the Second Student are deleted.

At last, the marks of Student 1 and Student 3 are updated and Thank You has been displayed.

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  • Rashid :

    complete wastage of time exact same code copied from geeks could have atleast changed a little more except the names

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