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Student Record Management System using C++

By Nidhi Vaishya

In the following project, a basic student record management system has been created using the concept of a linked list in the C++ programming language.

Linked list: A linked list can be defined as a sequence of objects called nodes in which value is contained and pointer which points to the next node, and they are all stored randomly in the memory.
There are generally three types of the linked list- singly-linked lists, doubly linked lists, and circular linked lists.
Various operations can be performed on a linked list - the creation of node, deletion of node, insertion of node, searching a node, and displaying the linked list.
The concept of these operations is used in this project to build up a student record management system.
i. For creating a student's record the concept of creating a node in a linked list is used. For that, a node class has been defined.
ii. For inserting a new record a function named insert has been created, this is similar to inserting a node in a linked list.
iii. For deleting a record the concept of a node deletion in a linked list is used, for that purpose a function named delete has been made.
iv. For searching the record of a particular student a function named search has been made, this operation is similar to searching a node in a linked list.
v.For displaying the whole student record a function called show has been made, whose functioning is similar to traversing a linked list.
In the project the data recorded will be roll no., ID no., course, and name of the student.
For deleting and searching a student record the user needs to enter the roll no. of the student.

The C++ source code has been provided here for the same.

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