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Student Report Management System in C++


The Project is made using the concepts of file handling and OOPs of CPP which can be learned through this project.

The project is a simple application of file handling concepts using OOPs concepts to easily learn these concepts that are less used in students' programming lives. This is a simple console app. Note that we focus only on the correct inputs in this project, and you can enhance it to handle the wrong inputs.


Functioning of the project :

This project can work as a database for the school management and provide the functionality

               -> to create records and store the details of the students like roll no, name and marks of different subjects,

               -> to search details of students,

               -> delete student records,

               -> display present records,

               -> modify the record details,

               -> and exit from the program.

class student


    int rollno;

    char name[50];

    int eng_marks, math_marks, sci_marks, lang2_marks, cs_marks;

    double average;

    char grade;


    void getdata();

    void showdata() const;

    void calculate();

    int retrollno() const;



The above code shows the class and its data members and data function. These are some listed properties we are going to use for students.

Some of the console screen

Download Complete Code


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