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Sudoku Game in C++

By Priyansh Pithar

The purpose of this project is to let the user play sudoku. It consists of a rules page, solution page, and different functionalities such as a reset grid.

The first row and column are the indexes through which the user can enter the element in empty cells by mentioning the position. The user cannot enter any incorrect options except the correct element in the nonet. The fundamental purpose of the game is to educate users to play sudoku. The source code doesn't contain any external libraries. Made by using Visual Studio Code IDE by Microsoft.

Option functionalities:

1) Start the game: It Shows a game grid and lets you play sudoku and then the user needs to enter the position and element. Displays caution message if entered invalid option.

   1.1) Continue: Continue playing game after entering position and element

   1.2) Reset Grid: Resets grid to the default and erases entered element

   1.3) Hint: Gives you an element to make the game easier

   1.4) Quit: Used to quit the game

2) Show Solution: Displays the solution grid of the current game

3) Rules: Shows the rules to play sudoku.

4) Quit: To quit the application


Specifications of Code:

1. Header files: iostream, fstream, stdlib.h and conio.h.

2. Global Variable: gv

3. Class: sudoku

3.1. Private member of class sudoku:

3.1.1 Member functions: ans1, grid, temp, reset, hint, show, play and rules.

3.1.2 Data Members: ans1, grid and temp.

3.1. Public function member of class sudoku: option



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