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Sudoku Solver using the Backtracking Algorithm in Python

By Swetha Sukumar

This Sudoku Solver Project implemented in Python uses the Backtracking algorithm to find a solution to any solvable sudoku board

This Project is implemented in Python to solve the most popular game Sudoku using the backtracking algorithm. It can solve any sudoku board.


Step 1: Find an empty cell on the board.

Step 2: Try all the integers that could possibly fit in the cell.

Step 3: Find the correct integers that works under all conditions i.e row-wise, column-wise, and Square box rule.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 and when it doesn't satisfy any condition, use the Backtracking Algorithm to go to the previous positions to match the cases.


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Submitted by Swetha Sukumar (swethasukumar)

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