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Supermarket Billing System in C++

By Anjani Kumar

This project takes the input of all products the customer wants to buy along with its quantity and generates a bill based on all list items in the output.


Software Requirements:

Turbo C++

Code funtionality:

1. Takes the list of items to be purchased.

2. Saves item in the list.

3. Gives the access to the user to modify entered list.

4. Confirms the final data entries.

5. Exit.


1. After the software is installed and zip file is downloaded, locate path of installed Turbo C++ folder and bin folder in it.

2. Then copy the .cpp file from extracted folder and paste it in bin folder.

3. Open the Turbo C++ application, then locate the given .cpp file from open option in menu.

4. Run the code.

Download Complete Code


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