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Supermarket Management System using C++

By Manish Kumar Gupta

This is a C++ project where a user has three types of login systems. Depending upon their login type, the user can perform all the actions. This is a console-based project.

Supermarket Management System(SMS)

This SMS is a C++ project which manages all the work at the supermarket. It not only generates the bill at the supermarket but can also do many tasks and can handle different types of users and their work.

This SMS has three types of Login, they are

1) Admin Login

2) Customer Login

3) Staff Login

Depending on the type of login you have, you can perform the task accordingly.

How SMS works?

Firstly, you need to register your account and your account type (if not registered), or must have your account credentials in the database of the particular user type.

What are different types of Login systems and how do they work?

When you start SMS you will be asked 5 options: 

1. Register yourself

2. Customer Login

3. Staff Login

4. Admin Login

5. Exit the system


Register Yourself

If you don't have an account then you need to first register yourself to continue. After diving into this option you will be asked to choose your account type and will ask to create your Login credentials. After creating your Username and Password you will be redirected to the Login module as per your account type and from there you can perform your actions.


Customer Login

Here you need to enter your correct username and password. After that, you can place your order at the supermarket and you also have the option to

Pay at the time of delivery.

Admin Login

Here, you have the option to see the orders list from the customer and can also view your inventory.

Staff Login

Here, you have access to Bill Generator via which you can generate a bill for the customer based on how many products does that customer bought.

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