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Swift Array containing all US States and State codes

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

iOS or Apple developers often may need a Swift array that contains all the US states with the state codes. This packet exactly contains this.

In a variable usStates, all the US states and the code for each state are available.

Why do you need this packet?

Often you may need to develop an app where the user has to choose the state. For example, sometimes the user has to provide the residential address. In that case, it will be easier from the user's prospective to select from the list of states instead of typing it.

Another advantage of using this is that there is no chance of spelling mistakes while providing the name of the US state by typing on the keypad.

I am pretty sure, that you have also used some kind of app where you have to choose the state for the address from the dropdown.

The list of the US states is in alphabetical format. So it is going to be easier to find a specific state if you use it in your app.

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Submitted by Faruque Ahamed Mollick (frkmollick)

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