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Text Editor App using Python Tkinter

By Sinjini Ghosh

A simple text editor app that lets you create and edit text (.txt) files. It is built using the tkinter library of Python.

The name of the app is Erudite. Erudite is a simple text editor app built using Python. 

When the app is opened, the home window pops up. The home window contains the name of the app and two buttons:

1. Create a new text file

2. Open an existing file

If the user clicks on the first button, another window with a text box pops up. The user can type the text in the text box and save it as a text file. When the user clicks on the 'save' button at the bottom of the text box, a dialog box pops up through which the user can browse through the folders and select the folder in which they want to save the file. 

If the user selects the second button, a dialog box pops up which lets the user select a text file from the existing text files. Once the user selects the text file, a window with a text box opens and the text box contains the text contained in the text file. The user can then edit the text and save the updated text file. 


The zipped folder contains the following:

1. The source code

2. The .exe file

3. The logo file used (Using a logo is optional and you can use any logo you want)

The source code was written in Pycharm (Community edition). However, it can be written in any Python IDE. The tkinter library, the library on which this project is based needs to be installed. It can be installed by simply typing 'pip install tkinter' in the command prompt.

The .exe file can be run on any computer. 


Download Complete Code


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