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Text File management system using Rank based autocompletion in C++

By Yash Kothekar

This is a Text file Management system, by which you can create/view existing files in the current directory. It uses Rank based autocompletion while searching for an existing file. C++17 used.

This program helps you create new text files,search and view existing text files. The Rank based Autocompletion is the backbone of this program, achieved using memory efficient trie.

When you start the program you get a list of existing text files in the current directory.

Now if we want to search for pre-existing files whose name start from "se",then after selecting from the list, the text of file is displayed in the console. 

If we enter a new file name there is also an option to create a new file.(NOTE: In this program, I have given the created files an article like structure, with heading and content, this can be easily modified to any other type)

, its the same text that appears in the note pad file as well

Now, the most exciting and important part of the project, Rank based autocompletion options. If we want to find files starting with "ex", then the recommendations are arranged randomly. Then we select which file we want. If again we search for the strings starting with "ex",or any other prefix of the file we just opened, the previous file will come up the list. The more frequently selected files will be higher.

To exit the program select the appropriate options.

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