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Text to Speech Converter using Python Programming Language

By Mariam Aafreen

Text to Speech converter will convert pdf files into mp3 format. This python program aims to save your time as huge chunks of content consume lots of time to read and understand.

Text to speech conversion allows you to listen to text content on the go. This can reduce screen time and enable learning and consumption while one is doing other things, so they don’t have to be staring at the page or screen. Simply upload the link to the pdf you would like to listen to and the program will generate an mp3 file for you.

Packages Used:

gTTS, os, PyPDF2, requests (You can easily install them using 'pip')


1. Upload the file URL.

2. The program first saves the text content in the file in the pdf format. 

3. Finally, the program will generate the mp3 file from pdf and save the file in the same location as your program. 

4. Hit the play button and start listening!!

Download Complete Code


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