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Text To Speech Converter Using Python

By Jeet Chawla

In this project, natural language processing and some external API is applied to text In order to generate synthesized speech. This project was made using Python.

Project Description: This project was made using Python, which is an ideal language for text-to-speech synthesis. In this project, we specify the URL of the article or text we need to parse then generate speech. We apply natural language processing to the text and then the generated speech is saved into the device and gets played. This is really beneficial for small or large-scale projects as it can make the world more accessible to people who cannot read text on the screen.

Major Libraries used :

1. Newspaper: This library in Python is used for article scraping and parsing. It is very useful for extracting articles from online websites and then applying natural language processing over them.

2. NLTK: This library in Python is used for natural language processing. It is used to analyze large amounts of complex data.

3. gTTS: This library uses Google text to speech API. gTTS is a very easy-to-use tool that converts the text entered, into audio which can be saved as an mp3 file.

4. os: This library basically provides the functionality to interact with the system.


1. The necessary libraries were installed using pip install command.

2. The article is downloaded and parsed using the Article class of the newspaper module.

3. Natural language processing is applied to this article using the Punkt tokenizer.

4. After gTTS is used to generate speech from article text and the language specified is English.

5. The generated mp3 file is saved into the system.




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