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Text to Speech in Java - Project

By Awanish Tiwari

A project in Java to convert text to speech in java using free TTS. Users can provide the text to be spoken by the system.

Project Title->Text to speech

About the project:

# A text to speech application that is completely written in java.

# It accepts the string from the user from the keyboard to be spoken.

# It has a jar file added inside the project which is known as Free TTS.

Programming language used:Java

Steps to use it: 

->Download the free TTS zip file and extract it.

->Navigate to the folder freetts-1.2.2-bin\freetts-1.2\lib\jsapi.exe and install the jsapi application by double-clicking it.

->After complete install jar file will be shown in the same directory.

->Copy the jar file and paste it into your project location either in an IDE or in any folder in which you are making.

->Write the given code and run the program and get the output. 

Future Scope of the project:

* The student/developers working on the basics of speech recognition can use it for making a small assistant.

* Desktop assistant can be made using it after extending the features.



Download Complete Code


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