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Text to Speech in Python

By Bharat Pal

This is the app where you can convert your text to speech. just you have to enter your text. it will convert to speech.

This software converts your text into speech.

First, you have to import Tkinter,messagebox, and pyttsx3.

Requirements :

You have to install pyttsx3.

It is a text-to-speech conversion library in Python. Unlike alternative libraries, it works offline.

from tkinter import *
import pyttsx3
from tkinter import messagebox

You have to create a text box to enter your text and a button for speech.

In this project, I added four buttons as follows

1.Speak - When you click on this button it converts your text into speech.

2.Save - It saves your file in mp3 format. you can listen to it.

3.Clear - It clears your entry field.

4.Exit - It closes your application with your permission.





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