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The Perfect Guess Game build using Python

By Diwesh Prashar

“The Perfect Guess Game” using Python. I am using Virtual Studio Code IDE for this project. The prerequisite of this project is the basic knowledge of Python

"The Perfect Guess Game" build using Python

I will cover the logic as well as coding in this Python Project.


''' We are going to write a program that generates a random number and asks the user to guess it.
if the player guess is higher than the actual numbers, the program displays "Lower number please"
similarly if the user guess is too low, then the program prints "Higher number please". When the user
guess the correct number, the program displays the number of guesses the player used to arrive at the number
hint - use the random module// 
1) Import random module it give you random number in the range to define there.
2) Take a input number from a user and if user guess is equal to random number then print "you guessed it right".
3) Otherwise, if the user guessed number is low then the random number then it print "you guessed it wrong", please enter a smaller number.
4) If the user guessed number is hight then the actual then it print "you gussed it wrong", enter a larger number.
5) Finally Your highest score to find the actual number is store in highScore.txt file.

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