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Snake, Water, and Gun game by using Python code

By Naman Maheshwari

This is a simple Python program to make Snake, Water, and Gun games that are only for entertainment purposes that are made not by using any inbuild game library.

We all know that Python is a multipurpose programming language in which we do anything in it to make Snake, Water, and Gun games from this language without the use of any Python inbuilt game library like the PyGame.

This is a game that is played by the user with the system and against the machine system.


We assign all attributes with the name like: -

1) 's' for the Snake

2) 'w' for the Water 

3) 'g' for the Gun


Here the user chooses one of the attributes after the user the system takes or chooses the random value from all the given 3 attributes of the Snake, Water, and Gun then after choosing one of the attributes then the system has the different if-else statement to choose one of them and provide the output from one of the conditions between the win, lose, and tie. The system shows the preferred output on the screen.

The function is used to compare the input between the user and system to give the results of the game. For access, the code firstly extracts them and reads the readme.txt file to understand them easily and runs the code file on the command prompt in your system.




We run the code again after every round to continue the game and maintain the entertainment.

All the best! Go and explore the given code.

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Submitted by Naman Maheshwari (Namanm654)

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