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By Prachi Jain

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  • In this project, we will learn how to implement the tic tac toe game in C++. Basic for loops will be used to check which player has won the game or if it is a draw between them.

    We all have at least once played the tic tac toe game in our lives. It is a simple two-player game where each player gets a chance to fill in any columns in 3*3 matrix to win. A player who fills three consecutive columns vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins that match.

    We have implemented the same game in the C++ language.

    Below are the functions implemented in the code:

    void display_board()//Function to show the current status of the gaming board
    void player_turn()//Function to get the player input and update the board
    bool gameover()//Function to get the game status e.g. GAME WON, GAME DRAW GAME IN CONTINUE MODE
    int main()//Program Main Method

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