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Tic Tac Toe Game using Python

By Majji Yeswanth Raj

It is a game that allows a maximum of two players to play and it is developed completely using the loops concepts that are available in Python.

A game that is developed using the different loops concepts in Python. A maximum of two players can play this game and, the choice of "X" or "O" would be decided randomly and to make the computer do it, we import a module called random.

The two users have to input their names to start playing and, this game runs until a player wins or there is a draw. In case of a draw or a win, the program asks the user to input y(yes) or n(no) to play again or to quit the game.

This game is a simple program that is developed using the for and while loops concepts from Python.


Modules required:

random module. To install this module, paste the following code 

sudo pip3 install random2

After installation, run the program, play the game.

Download Complete Code


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