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Paper tic-tac-toe game in Python


This TICTACTOE project is written in Python. the project has file contains Python scripts. These Project is a implementation of the pencil-and-paper game from our childhood

This TICTACTOE project is written in Python. These Python project is design in simple and easy  way, so that the user won't find difficult to use. The game is possible to play with AI, with the three levels like "easy", "medium", "Hard". The easy level can makes the moves randomly. then the next medium level makes moves some more difficulty

1. If it win in one move, it places the mark in  third to got three in a row and win.

2. If opponent user can win in only one move, it plays the third move by itself to block the opponent user to win.

3. Otherwise, it will makes the  random move.

The next “hard” level is much difficulty and  implements the minimax algorithm, The main menu accepts only  two commands: “start” and “exit“. The “start” command will execute the  two parameters: four parameters  possible: “user” to play like human, and “easy“, “medium” and “hard” to play like easy level AI. The command “exit” should stop the program.

Steps To Execute The Project

1) Download the zip file of Project

2) Go to inside the folder then open cmd and then type mouse by clicking project file and press enter to start

Download Complete Code


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