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TicTacToe with nxn size grid in C++

By G V Ganesh Maurya

We all have played the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game. But this one has a twist to it. It can be played with a grid of higher dimensions. In this packet you will find TicTacToe built with nxn size grid in C++


The rules of the game are very much the same as the classic game. Each player attempts to fill a row or a column or a diagonal with his/her coin. The player who achieves this first wins the game. If neither player is able to achieve this and the grid gets filled up, the game ends in a draw.


The code was written in C++ language using object-oriented concepts. When no dimensions are mentioned to the constructor then the instance of the class called will create a 3x3 size board. If the dimensions are mentioned (ex. 4) then the instance of the class will create an nxn size board. The concept of constructor overloading is being used here. The code is written efficiently giving the winner in O(1) time.

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Submitted by G V Ganesh Maurya (mau23rya)

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