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Digital Clock using C++

By Khushi Srivastava

Digital Clock using C++. This project displays the time i.e. hour, minute, and seconds in a digital way and also displays the total time in seconds.

Today's era is also known as the Digital era. Nowadays everything is possible digitally either it is a simple watch or big amount of transaction. Everything is digital and if we talk about wristwatches or wall clocks then we will see how rapid our technology is. We have tried making a simple program using C++ in which we have made a digital clock and in this, we have used the OOPs concept i.e. Object Oriented Programming which is the backbone of C++. Object-oriented programming aims to implement real-world entities. Using classes and objects we have developed our project. The benefit of using OOPs is that no one can excess our data except that function. 

Using this program users can see the time in digital form and also can see the total time in seconds. In this program, it will ask for hours, minutes, and seconds for input by the user and then it will display out the result as given below.




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