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Timer Using C++

By Adarsh Kumar Jha

This is the code for the timer in the C++ programming language. Just like any other timer, the user has to set hours, minutes, and seconds as inputs and it will start the timer.

For timer using C++ language, we need three integers type variables for hours, minutes, and seconds.
1. We have to set an infinite loop.
2. Inside the loop, the values of the three integers are checked.
If the values of all variables are zero then break the loop.
If the values of minutes and seconds are zero then we have to make the value of minute equal to 60
and reduce the value of an hour by one.
If the value of second is only zero then we have to make seconds equal to 60 and reduce the value
of minute by one.
3. Clear the screen.
4. The value of second is reduced by one.
5. Finally print the values of hours, minutes, and seconds in real-time.
Here, library has been used for Sleep() and Beep().

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