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To add the two numbers without using arithmetic operators in C++


This article is about adding the two numbers without using arithmetic operators like +, - and * implemented in C++.

Hey Coders!

We are familiar with adding the two numbers using arithmetic operator + but in this article we have some interesting method to add the two numbers.

Let's see:

// Program to add two  numbers without using arithmetic operators.
using namespace std;

// Main Function
int main()
    int num1, num2, carry, a, b;
    cout<<"Enter the 1st Number:  ";
    cout<<"Enter the 2nd Number:  ";
        //carry containing common set bits in a and b
        carry = a & b; // and operator
        //sum of bits of a and b only where at least one of the bits in them is not set
        a = a ^ b; // xor operator
        //carry gets shifted by one so that after adding it to a gives the required sum
        b = carry << 1;
    cout<<"Sum is: "<<a;
    return 0;

Happy Learning!

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Submitted by SHUBHAM GARG (Shubham)

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