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Python Project To-Do list

By Pragati Khairnar

This is the to_do_list project using python. I have used Tkinter and pickle module in it to make it usable to the user.

This is a very simple project called a to-do list. It's a project, you can arrange your task for the day.

You can add, delete, load and save tasks and these options are very functional and user-friendly as I have put buttons for direct action. There is an entry box where you can type your tasks.

Technical Stuff :

The GUI makes the application enhanced so I have used Tkinter here as it's very easy to use and does the job.

I have added functions to added delete, load and save the data user enters and used if-else statements, if the user enters data takes the input and else if the user did not put any data show a statement (so that the user does not add an empty task), according to the function the else statement is changed. entry_task.delete(0, Tkinter. END) here 0 is added so that after adding the enter box should be empty.

The scroll bar is added so that the display page can be functional. scrollbar_tasks.config(command=listbox_tasks.view) config is added because the scroll is working with the mouse but not when clicked on the actual scroll bar, this helps solve it.

The frame is added so that the list box and scrollbar stay still at LEFT and RIGHT respectively in their position.

Pickle module is added so that the user's input data can be saved it saves a file in the folder with users input data in a pickled format, and when the data is loaded it shows the data in an unpickled format in the list box.

Using the app: Add a task or tasks save tasks it a new file will be seen in the folder now you can delete the task from the list box as you complete them, if you load the tasks it will show you the same list you saved before even after deleting it from the list box. To delete the added task delete the whole file which was created and the user can now use the tools again. 


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