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ToDo-List Using NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB

By sharad sharma

To-Do List is an Application that helps you to remember your daily. tasks that you have to do throughout the day.

This is the link of my project work of ToDo-List using NodeJs, ExpressJs and MongoDB as Backend and for Frontend, I have used HTML, CSS, And Bootstrap for some designing. For data Parsing from Frontend to Backend or Backend to Frontend Used EJS and For Authentication, I have used

Passport JS.

Next come to the working of Web Application, At the first page or home page of application we have two options first is Register and Login if you are a new user then you have to click on Register, It will Register you to the database and after that you can login with your credentials. I have used PassportJs to Authenticate the Routes.

Your Data of List/Items will be Stored in MongoDB DataBase. I have used MongoDB cluster to store data.

You can also delete items after completion of work and you can also logout from the app using the logout button.

Download Complete Code


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