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Todo List Using JAVA & JAVAFX


This is a Todo List application that can hold your todo Items. I made this using JavaFX and Java, It Can Hold, Short, Delete your data.

This is a JavaFX Application Program that uses Files for Store and Updates data. It has some cool Features Like, Shorting the list By Date, Highlight Today's & Tomorrow's list items. Users can also Put New to-do Item Using the NEW button, user can also Exit the application.

Requirements: 1. I have used IntelliJ IDEA, You can use Eclipse or any other IDE.

                         2. Java and JavaFX programming Knowledge.

                         3. JavaFX Libraries, JDK needs to be installed.


ScreenShot 1: Adding New Todo Items.

Add new Item


ScreenShot 2: Shorted and Highlighted the Items.

Showing the List


ScreenShot 3: Exit button to Quit the application.

Output ofTodo  Application



Download Complete Code


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