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Touch me not leaf using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

By Saurav

This project uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an interactive leaf-shaped element on the webpage which on clicking acts similarly to the Touch-Me-Not plant's leaf

"Touch Me Not Leaf" is a project that uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a leaf-shaped element on the webpage. The leaf element is interactive, and when the user right-clicks their mouse over it, the leaves will fold to its leaf stem, simulating a "touch me not" or sensitive plant effect.

The project created, styled, and animated the leaf shape using HTML and CSS. JavaScript is used to add event listeners to the leaf element, which listens for mouseclick event and trigger the rotating animation of leaf elements. The leaf's original position is restored after 3 seconds.

The project can be used to add a unique, interactive element to a website, and can also be used as a learning exercise for those who are interested in learning about CSS animations, and JavaScript event listeners.

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