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Tower of Hanoi program in C++ using recursive function

By Salvader Ron Nathaniel

  • TOH.exe
  • TOH.cpp
  • This C++ program will help you to transfer the entire stack of discs from the source to the destination with the help of the intermediate rod.

    Tower of Hanoi program may be a puzzle or game which contains three rods and variety of disks of various size which may attend any rod. The puzzle starts with the disks during a stack in ascending order of size on one rod and therefore the objective is to transfer all the disks within the same ascending order to the last rod with the assistance of an intermediate rod, but there are certain simple rules that are to be followed:-

    1. just one disk is often moved at a time.

    2. No disk is often placed on top of the smaller disk.

    For implementing this logic as a program in C++ we use a recursive function and calling it again and again until all the discs are transferred from source to destination.


    I hope you discover this project useful and therefore the desired zip file is being attached.

    Download Complete Code


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