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Travel and Tourism Application (Management System) using Java and MySQL

By Subhojeet Ghosh

I have made a Travel And Tourism Application CRUD Application (Java MySQL) Application to provide automation to the Travel application

Travel and Tourism Application built in Java has all the features available for a perfect CRUD Application example. The software starts with a splash screen every time a user or customer opens the Software.

(i) For the Front end part java swing is used and for the backend, MySQL Database is used.

(ii) Database is created by using XAMMP control panel and localhost/PHPMyAdmin

(iii) Login form for users is created along with forgot password feature with a security answer which is taken during the sign-up process

(iv) Full-Screen DashBoard with dashboard panel in vertical format at the left of the page.

(iv) Adding Details features is provided for the customers who have signed in. Customer can update their details with the help of updated details features

(v) Package viewing page in a variety of 3 (gold, silver, and bronze)

(vi) Packages can be booked by the customer but only one package is permitted per every customer

(vi) Hotels can be viewed using the slide show page and can be booked with features like Ac/non-Ac, Food availability, etc.

(vii) Payment Features is there but only for the front end purpose

(vii) Utility tabs like Calculator, notepad, and About the project are also present.

(viii) This application will help in accessing the information related to travel to a particular destination with great ease. The users can track the information related to their tours with great ease through this application. The travel agency information can also be obtained through this application.

Advantages of Project:
·Gives accurate information
·Simplifies the manual work
·It minimizes the documentation related to work
·Provides up to date information
·Friendly Environment by providing warning messages.
· travelers' details can be provided
·booking confirmation notification


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