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Triangle Area Calculator with different methods using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

By Saurav

This project allows users to calculate the area of a triangle using different methods like Heron's Formula, Area using base and height, and Area using vertices coordinates.

Project Title: "Triangle Area Calculator"

Project Description:

The "Triangle Area Calculator" is a web-based application that allows users to calculate the area of a triangle using different methods. The application allows users to input the triangle's dimensions from different calculation methods (base and height, three vertices coordinates, or three side lengths). The application will then calculate and display the area of the triangle to the user.


  • User-friendly interface for inputting triangle dimensions
  • Different methods for calculating the area of a triangle (Area using base and height, Area using side lengths, Area using coordinate of vertices)
  • Clear and easy-to-understand results display

Technical requirements:

  • HTML/CSS for the user interface
  • JavaScript for calculations and user input validation
Input and Output:
Choose the required method from the dropdown menu "Select method" fill in the form that appeared after selection and press "Calculate Area" to show the results. Users can give decimal values also with two decimal places.

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