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Tweet Analysis - Python

By Subhayu Roy

Tweets are not under-rated for no reason. Here, I have done a Tweet Analysis on some selected tweets, which has been categorized by Kaggle. The language I have used is Python3.8.

Tweet Analysis

This is a detailed analysis of the emotional values and expressions of all the tweets, to see, whether hate prevails or love(negative or positive respectively).

For performing this analysis, the [dataset]( is used is from [Kaggle](

For easy understanding, ***lots of appropriate visualizations*** have been used.

The language used is Python 3.8 in the Ubuntu environment.
This is an NLP project written in Python in a [Jupyter Notebook](

The techniques used are:
- Word Vector
- Text Classification
- Tokenizing
- Text Processing
- Pattern Matching

The **accuracy score** of this model is *0.7599043715846995* which is equivalent to *75.99%*

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