Coders Packet

Twitter following and followers list using Python

By Shaunak Sensarma

Using the 'tweepy' package of Python to extract Twitter account data and manipulate them using api.friends and api.followers

Steps required to run this packet.

1. Install Python version 2.7 or higher

2. Install Anaconda for Python or Jupyter Notebook.

3. Install Tweepy and pandas packages respectively.

4. Open the code.

5. Set up a Twitter account if not present.

6. Turn on developer mode. It hardly takes 10 minutes to get approved,

7. Open the developer's page and get the consumer_key, consumer_secret, access_token, and access_token_secret keys.

8. Add them in the code in the mentioned areas. (These keys are unique for each person and do not share them with anyone)

9. Add your Twitter user ID in the mentioned area.

10. Run the code

You will get your desired results.

Download Complete Code


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