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Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Python

By Aarya Brahmane

In this project, I have analyzed and created a model to sort the tweets based on the words used. I have used Python for this project

In this project of Twitter Sentiment Analysis, by Python.

I have analyzed the data and applied the concepts of Natural Language Processing. The project is done in multiple steps, they are as below:

- Data Cleaning

- Data Preprocessing

- Data Analysis and Visualization

- Data Modeling

FOr improvising the model, I have applied the concepts of tokenization and cleaned the corpus of tweets.

I applied various Machine Learning models, namely, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machine and Random FOrest Classifier.

Each project was also done with Tf-Idf concept also.

The best result were available in Random Forest Classifier with Tf-Idf model.

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