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TypeItFast (typing Speed test application) using React.js

By rakshit kumar sharma

This is A Simple web application that tracks speed and accuracy of the person typing within the given time.

This is a web application built using react.js I have used component-based architecture and divided the app into various components for increasing the

readability of the code.

I have used some pre-build packages like typewriter-effect from Node package manager(npm).

what is the npm?

NPM is the package manager for the JavaScript platform of Node where one can submit npm packages and get existing packages available there. It puts modules in place so that node can find them, and manages dependency conflicts intelligently.

I have also used the given API to generate different sentences.

How to run this app on our local desktop?

Since it is a react.js based web application we will require somethings installed before running our application on the local device

1. Install Node.js and NPM from the given link

While installing Node.js, in the customs settings options you will see an option for NPM package manager. As noted by the name, the Node Package Manager (NPM) is basically an additional feature available with Node.js along with its useful features.

2. Install any one code editor like Visual Studio code, Sublime text etc.

Open the terminal/windows powershell inside the TypeItFast folder and use the following command

npm i                  (press enter it will take some time(around 5min) to install all the dependencies required).

npm start            (this will launch your application at localhost:3000.(it may take some time) open any browzer and type localhost:3000 and you will                               see the app running)

press ctrl+c to stop the and exit the program.


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