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Typing Speed Tester using Pygame

By Biruduganti Praveen

Typing Speed Tester using Pygame is a very useful game that can be used to track our typing speed and improve it with regular practice. Programming Language Used: Python

Typing Speed Tester using Pygame is a game that tracks your speed and helps you to improve your typing speed.

For Graphical User Interface(GUI), Pygame Library is used. In this game, we need to type(in text box) Predefined sentences that will be visible to us. Once typing the full sentence, we need to click enter to get the Result. In Results, it shows how much Time we took to write that sentence, Accuracy, and WPM(Words Per Minutes) which tells the Speed of our Typing. If we want to play again, then we can click on the RESET button.


1. Pygame Library

2. Time

3. Random Library

4. Minimum Python 3 is required.

Typing Speed Tester GUI

Typing Speed Tester GUI - 2

Typing Speed Tester GUI - 3


Recorded Video Link: Typing Speed Tester

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