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Understand and implement Data Structures using C++


This project is related to the concept of Data Structures in C++. Understand data structures in C++ by getting inputs, inserting, and displaying using functions of these data structures.

This project is related to the concept of Data Structures(Queues, Stacks, Trees, Linked Lists) in C++.
Here in this project, we will be understanding these data structures in C++ by taking some inputs
from the user and performing inserting and displaying these values using some functions of these data structures.

Software Requirements:

1.Dev C++(Application installed on windows)
download link of this application on windows:

Purpose of this project:

The main purpose is to help new beginners understand the concept of these data structures in C++ such as insertion and display operation.
In this program, we have used some of the Abstract Data Type(ADT) in C++.
The main purpose of using abstract data type in code is that by using abstract data types our burden of
load goes off.
The operations such as Transversal, Insertion, Deletion can be carried out in such a manner that it does not require much of the code compiling.

The basic ADTs are:
these Data Structures are used in this project.

The functionality of the project:

For running the program you can use DEV-C++ IDEs.
After running this program firstly you need to enter the inputs, for giving the input here are some keys you need to use are:

Press 1-can give your first name as input
Press 2-can be used to give your last name
Press 3-you can enter your age
Press 4-can enter the year of birth
Press 5-It can be used to start the printing
Press 6-And this can be used to exit the program at any position

This program provides you the flexibility to use any of the above keys ant any
position of the program until we start printing. No.6 can be used to exit while
printing too, this can be used to exit the program at any position.

Keys used while printing is:
7-Press 7 to print in order using Queue
8-Press 8 to print in reverse order using Stack
9-Press 9 to print in order using inorder tree traversal
10-Press 10 to print in Preorder using preorder tree traversal
11-Press 11 to print in Postorder using postorder tree traversal
12-Press 12 to print the data using a linked list
then after sorting the values it prints again
13-Press 13 to sort the values.
-1-Press -1 to keep processing and to enter new data
*if by mistake you press the wrong input then you have a chance to enter the input again.

This code provides you the benefit of using it again and again by giving the infinite number of inputs. Or you can press 0 to stop the program right there.

Download Complete Code


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