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Url Shortener - Python (tkinter) Application

By Mariam Aafreen

Url Shortener - Python(tkinter) Application shortens your URLs to help ease of sharing links and make links more manageable.

URL shorteners help take longer URLs and transform them into manageable links. 

Reasons for using URL shorteners:

1. Make links more manageable.

2. Promote easy sharing.


1. Download the zip file and uncompress it. 

2. Install the packages: tkinter, pyshorteners, and clipboard(using pip).

3. Run the program in your IDE.


1. Copy and paste the link of the URL you want to shorten in the input box of the application.

2. Click and on submit. Shortened Url will be generated.

3. Click on the copy button in order to copy the shortened link.

4. Paste the copied link in the browser.


Download Complete Code


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