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Vaccination Registration Using Java and MySQL

By Surobhi Bose

A Java based project for vaccination registration and storing the user information to the database.

The Project is regarding registration for COVID vaccination using Java languange and MySQL(phpMyAdmin as localhost). It allows you to enter your name and generates the email, password and confirms your registration.

The entered detail by the user will be stored at the database. I have used phpMyAdmin and created a table named as "vaccine_login_info" for saving the user information. To use phpMyAdmin, you need to download XAMPP Control Panel.

After entering the name and generation of email id and password, it asks you to enter your age for validation. If the age entered is 18+ then it displays a message that you are eligible for the vaccination. Otherwise, prints not eligible for the vaccine in case the age entered is less than 18.


1. Eclipse IDE
2. phpMyAdmin



XAMPP Screen:

Note: Knowledge of Java Coding and MySQL.


Download Complete Code


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